CHARLES II of NAVARRE, called CHARLES the BAD (1332-1387)


King of Navarre, count of Evreux, claimant to the throne of France

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Charles of Evreux-Navarre (1332-1387), son of Philippe of Evreux (king Philippe III of Navarre) and Joan II of Navarre, grand-son of king Louis X, great-grandson in agnatic line of king Philippe III the Bold, "descendant of fleur-de-lys by all sides".

Count of Evreux after his father's death (1343), king of Navarre when his mother died (1349). Son-in-law of king John II of France (1352).

His mother Joan II should have inherited the kingdom of France after the death of her father Louis X and her brother John I in 1316, becoming himself king of France in 1349. The salic law was exhumed in 1358 to counter his plans.

Despoiled of his inheritances, in conflict with the Valois kings, allied with England, with Peter I of Castille and later with his rival Henry II of Trastamara, allied and after enemy of the king of Aragon, he was one of the major actors of the beginning of the Hundred Years' War. In the summer of 1358, he was close to girding on the french crown. King of Navarre during 36 years, his reign and his life were exceptional.




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